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  • Advantages
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  • Performance:

    Instrument type: discrete

    Test speed: 120T/H

    Analytical methods: end point method, fixed time method, dynamic method

    Measurement wavelength: 340-630nm 6 wavelengths

    Light source: monochromatic light cold light source

        Reaction position: 40 cuvettes

        Reaction temperature: 37±0.1

    Sample position: 31

    Sample volume: 5-50μl

    Reagent position: 16 reagent positions (double reagent), the entirereagent tray can be taken out, expand the reagent bit

    Reagent volume(one test): 150-400μl

    Reagent needle: with liquid level detection, crash safety protection

    Repeatability: CV≤2%

    Sample loading: STAT available and sample continuous loading

            Calibration:linear, non-linear

    Quality control management: quality control chart can be stored,displayed and printed.

    Software: Windows, easy to operate

    Print function: a variety of print formats to choose

    Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 102W

    Weight: 13Kg



    Small size, easy to carry

    LIS connection available

    Fast heating, high stability

    Little water consumption, fully automatic cleaning

    Automatic uploading data, data permanent saving

    Monochromatic light and cold light source detection, long life use,stable results

    Reagent tray can be taken out, convenient and quick.

            Intelligent,precise,accurate, efficient